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Heather Gollnick - 5 X Ironman Champion

"I have never experienced anything like what your “Z’assage” delivers."

Chris Powell - Transformation Specialist

""After my first session with Zogisle I was able to enjoy a pain-free session in the gym for my first time in months." "

Melissa Buhl - U.S. Mountain Bike Women's Champion

"Having you as my reward for all those sore muscles I get, is next to winning... "

Lewis Elliot - One of Arizona's Top Professional Triathlete - Scottsdale, Arizona

"The serious bodywork from you, without a doubt, helps me get a great result straight away to the finish line..."

JR - IronMan - Voted Top 10 personal Trainer in America -

"JR Rosania, BS. Exercise Science, CSCS, is one of the nation's top performance enhancement coaches. JR was selected as one of AMERICA'S TOP TRAINERS by MEN'S JOURNAL Magazine (December 2004 and 2005). "

Anna - Lena Groenefeld = 2003 French Open, Jr. Champion - #1 World Junior

"We look forward to seeing you when we return from Europe."

Coach Luke D. Kayyem - Trainer - Crossfit Scottsdale

" "I have sent my Family, Friends and Students to schedule with him, claiming Zogisle is the best sports massage therapist, I have personally ever experienced." "

Dr. Bruce Werber DPM, FACFAS - Anything to do with your feet...

"Massages will never be the same again; his technique is so unique and powerful. "

Samantha Teddi - IronMan - Medical Social Worker - Hospice of the Valley

"My body speaks for your work - You are the Best!"

Dr. Markham McHenry - Family Physician - North Scottsdale, Arizona

"You are amazing to say the least! Every time I refer one of my patients to you, every one of them says the same thing,, it is not only a great massage, but Zõgisle creates a total feeling of well being.” Repeating what I read from one of your many testimonials; “You are so consistent Zõgisle.” "

Kim Saari, WNBF Pro Natual Bodybuilder - Personal Trainer - Phoenix, Arizona

"Recommending you Zogisle comes so easy, whether it is to my fellow professional peers or to my clients as their personal trainer... The feedback I get has always been the same... Zogisle is so consistent!"

Greg Thompson, Senior Saguaro High School Swim Team, Scottsdale Arizona

""...I have benefited from you working on me. Being only 17 years old and still attending Saguaro High School, I think, I am the only student lucky enough to have a Dad that knows the benefits the are to be given me from your massage.""

Mark Strickland, Psy. D. - Psychological Consultant

"Sports Psychology / Performance Enhancement is the utilization of sound psychological princples to further stretch your athletic potential."

Chad Zaneis - Semi-Pro Hockey - Jersey #16 - Defense and a Great Bartender too!

"Long story short, I got back in my skates after several intense “Z’assage’s” and not only played 5 games in 4 days but I made the All Tourney Team and scored the game-tying goal that pushed us into an eventual overtime wine in the championship game! "

Derek Moore - Ameritrade Manager - IronMan

"...With the frequency and intensity of the training needed to complete the IronMan, your program allows for greater peak training and recovery."

Seth Moylan, United Studios of Self Defense

"I am a 2nd Degree Black Belt Instructor - Owner of United Studios of Self Defense - Scottsdale, AZ ~ Zogisle has a unique and effective method to work the muscles of any high performance athlete and would be an amazing treatment even for those of you just looking for a way of reducing stress and increasing your flexibility and range of motion of everyday life demands. "

Matt Essex and Brian Sullivan ~ Active Rx Physical Therapy

"Whether you’re a seasoned athlete trying to increase your level of performance; repairing your body from injury, looking to tone, strengthen and improve your physique; or even just trying to get those everyday aches and pains to go away, personalized sessions with our Active Rx team will provide you with a sustainable, integrated method of achieving your health and fitness goals. Active Rx believes that physical activity is the primary ingredient for attaining optimal health. However, we also believe that physical activity is most productive when the body is in balance."

Dr. Garry F. Gordon, MD, DO, MD (H)

"Your skill and knowledge of the body combined with your caring professionalism create a special healing experience that I would like everyone to enjoy... "

Lois Tiedemann. IronWoman 2005 - Tiedemann, Solomon & Associates

"I have yet to see you meet a stranger... and your success is who you are and what you have become... Your are the "Best in our Valley of the Sun."

Steven Mastroieni - "Nick the Greek"

"A new vocabulary is needed for your unique massage Zogisle~"

Kurt Gusinde, Summit Dream - Climbing Seven Highest Summits on Earth.

"...there is always a certain amount of satisfaction I get, recommending you with confidence to others, knowing how consistence your work has/is been... especally for those looking for that extra competitive edge."

Jenifer Ralph - N.P.C. Figure Champion

"Thanks for giving me a piece of heaven!"

Jennifer D. Peckham - International Bodybuilding, Fitness and Figure Championships

"Bodybuilders are not typically known for their flexibility hence, my need for your Z-Touch. Your knowledge and skill in the areas of stretching and deep tissue massage are superior!"

Brendan Tierney - Mixed Martial Arts Champion

"What can I say but…. Amazing results bro!!! Thanks! -only to be confirmed of course by others, I have referred to you. "

Tom Thrush - Write Way Solutions - Content Specialist

"Using creative content to attract attention, create customers and build your business."

Thomas J. Doody, IronMan / CPM - Merrill Lynch - Global Private Client Services

""I'v certainly learned over the past year that regular stretching and "Z'assage" is as important to success in any race, as the routine training and preparation in each of the disciplines." "

Matt Reum - IronMan - One of Arizona's Award winning Bartender .

"I knew you must be an incredible massage therapist to be working on people like JR, Heather and Lewis. It wasn't until I tried the "Z'ah-gge" for myself that I realized why you came so highly recommended..."

Dr. Grant Smith - Chiropractor – Acupuncturist

"Zõgisle came on board my training team in perfect timing after being announced that I will be the only Arizonan voted to represent “Team USA 2009” – Aquathlon - Australia "

Nathan Machutta - Producer/ Preformer ~ The Art of fire, Circus and other Preforming Arts.

"His "Z'assage" is by far the best massage/therapy I've ever experienced. "

Joshua Filani - General Manager - McCormick Max Muscle - Athlete

" Thank You. Your abilities not only centering my comfort level, your knowledge of the human body, but your sincere efforts in Welcoming Max Muscle into your community has been overwhelming. "

Hollon Kinney - Iron man Arizona

"You totally dealt with me on every level and my goal soon had become yours. Then beyond belief, you began to network and created “My Training Team,” the best team that money could have bought me. "

Bruce Mcdonald,RN, BSN - Mayo Clinic. Cardiac Stress Testing Unit

"I have to say, Zogisle's massages by far have had the most therapeutic effect. He uses a unique combination of deep tissue massage along with stretching maneuvers."

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