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Zôgisle (Zoo-guy-isle) (n): Gentle giant that walks on water.

Yes, I like everyone else asked when first being introduced to Zõgisle… " What does your name mean?”

“That is really the definition. My name was created from combining both parents last names, Zoog-Issel.”

“Your first name?” I asked?

“There isn’t one… I am the only Zôgisle in the World!” You mean like Elvis or Cher? I asked?

“No, like Godzilla, or Superman.” He replied.

Standing at a solid 6’2” and weighing in at 220 pounds, he is a (gentle) giant! You can catch him working out four to five times a week. He is currently training for yet another marathon (3) with added cross training for his anticipation of his first triathlon.

He has trained with J. Rosania, ranked among the Nation’s top 10 trainers in America – Men’s Journal. - 18x Ironman Triathlon Finisher.

St. Thomas is Zôgisle's Caribbean home-base and spends much of his time throughout the Caribbean islands. His island cell phone 340-244-4397 is AT&T with no roaming charges to or from the states and is turned on when on island." He has currently gone stateside after Hurricane Irma and Maria on the west coast of Florida in the beautiful Village of Bradenton. 02/20/2020 Feel free to ring him up and say, "Hi!" (954) 610-1881

Zôgisle began studying massage on the island of Sint Maarten. He later moved on St. Croix... Decided to enlist in the US Navy... Returned to St. Thomas where for 2 years he leased a glass bottom boat in the evenings and operated as a floating bar and restaurant... Zõgisle continued his healing arts studies in to Kamakura, Japan for 2 years. Returned to Stateside and opened his International Sports Practice in Scottsdale,AZ 10+ yrs.... Returned to island life... On Thomas worked at Marriott Corporation as a Marketing Executive and opened his private sports practice.

Married his best friend... began building his Family with welcoming a new member. After his unfortunate divorce and separation from Florida, he traveled to Belize, exploring the country for a few months, for a site to build his first guest house and spa.

Settled in Scottsdale, AZ He is often invited to appear to speak at entrepreneur seminars nationally. He is also regularly invited to speak at some of our Phoenix valley massage graduating classes. Zôgisle presents his insight/motivation to new business owners and especially to new massage therapists that are beginning their own practices. His door always remains open, both for Life Coaching and many times massage exchanges with other bodyworkers/workshops.

Zôgisle has made Scottsdale, Arizona his stateside home base and where he currently has built his successful practice. He graduated from Southwest Institute of the Healing Arts, Scottsdale, Arizona, giving him his current stateside massage and international license and insured. He later got certified with the International Kinesiology College, Zurich, Switzerland…

Through his travels, he has gained the title:

Sports Massage Therapist

Asked his greatest memory or what meant most to him thus far in his life; “When my daughter, Shay Elizabeth, first opened her eyes for her very first time… looked up at me and said, Daddy… Just kidding, it took at least a couple months before she said
Da - da… and that grew into… Daddy Honey.'’

Zôgisle, having had massages from when he was at a very young age, eventually began coming back to bodywork as a career, Zôgisle has been introduced to the world of Hollywood and his current practice is like reading the “Who’s who”

Don’t ask, he won’t tell and keeps his clientele very private.
Although, he never talks of his clientele… at any given time, it looks more like an exotic car lot parked out front… with the limo driver’s leaving off employers from the Hummer’s and Porches.

Did I forget to mention, his client base also reaches out to the Scottsdale, Mesa, and Phoenix Police Officers, (That explains the black and whites out front) as well as, the valley’s Fire Fighters.

He has worked and traveled with many Professional Athletes
and Teams here and obviously internationally.

Zôgisle has recently just returned from Long Beach, California with the Arizona State University’s Swim Team during the PAC 10 Competitions.

He has developed and choreographed a routine specializing in the art of:


simultaneously. Literally holding one at their full range of motion and then begin massaging. Imagine, your leg being totally stretched out to your full range of motion… and then to have it massaged… it is incredible! The muscle(s) begin to adjust and the stretch begins to feel more like when one yawns. It is amazing! My very first reaction after my first Z’assage…

“This will be the massage, that I will be comparing all others, for the rest of my life…"

Zôgisle's technique flushes and then corrects many of the inconsistencies in muscle fibers without the digging and bruising”. His focus… RANGE OF MOTION and FLEXIBILITY. He has worked on hundreds of bodies, giving him thousands of hour’s hands-on bodywork, mostly with athletes and weekend warriors.

Find out more of about his Technique, “The Z’assage,” Testimonials, Products and a great Photo Gallery, while visiting his site. Enjoy! Jim Durkin, Valley’s Master Swim Team.

A Zõgisle Reminder:

“Life is not a journey to the grave with the intentions arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming...

WOW – What a ride!”

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